Thanksgiving in a Box: Four Course Meal & Wine Pairings!

Thanksgiving in a Box: Four Course Meal & Wine Pairings!

For most Americans, the Thanksgiving Day feast is traditionally the biggest and most important meal of the entire year.  While larger holiday gatherings may be somewhat scaled down in 2020 due to the pandemic, the food and drink choices for this year’s annual celebration are no less important.  In fact, having a smaller group may be an opportunity for many home cooks and culinary aficionados to test out new recipes or pairings they’ve always wanted to try.  For those of you in this category, we’d like to save you some time and recommend this “Thanksgiving in a Box”- a set of recipes and wine pairings for a four course Thanksgiving Day feast!

As some of you may already know, in addition to making Sunstone wines our winemaker Brittany Rice is also a chef and caterer, having graduated from California Culinary Academy with a degree in Culinary Arts, Cordon Bleu.  This specially curated four course meal with Sunstone wine pairings includes several unique recipes created by Brittany.

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Brit’s Smoked Pork Crostini with Orange Honey Pineapple Sage Glaze


Kick off your special meal with a delicious starter and a light bodied wine.  You’ve likely had many different styles of crostini, from different flavors to differ toppings. This recipe created by Brittany takes a smoked pork main dish and turns it into an appetizer by putting it on top of a crostini.  The star of this dish is the orange honey pineapple glaze, which matches perfectly with the notes of orange peel and pineapple in the Grenache Blanc.  The white pepper notes in the wine also complement the black pepper used to rub the pork before glazing. This is the perfect way to start off your holiday feast!

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Spaghetti Squash with Pesto & Grapes

Paired With: SUNSTONE 2018 ZEPHYR

One of the quintessential staples of Fall cuisine is squash.  Squash is perfect for this time of year because it can be harvested fresh in season.  This a is a great recipe for a side dish by  Our 2018 Zephyr has dark fruit flavors that enhance the sweetness of the grapes in the dish while the herbal notes of the wine complement the basil and arugula in the pesto.  Your guests are sure to enjoy this great combination of flavors!

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Brit’s Smoked Turkey with Bourbon Maple Glaze & Herbed Truffle Butter


Pinot Noir is by far the most versatile and food friendly red wine.  Pinot can go well with so many different foods, but there is no more classic pairing on Thanksgiving Day than Pinot Noir and Turkey.  There are so many different styles of turkey, from classic roasted turkey to grilled or even fried, and Pinot can complement all of them.  This delicious recipe created by Brittany goes the ‘smoked’ route, topped with a maple glaze and truffle butter.  The high acidity in the wine will bring out the juiciness in the turkey, while the oak toast and sweet tobacco notes will complement the turkey’s smoky and maple flavors.  Additionally, the notes of orange blossom and lavender in the wine will enhance the basil, thyme and orange zest used in the recipe. Our mouths are watering just thinking about this one!

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No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some sort of dessert featuring pumpkins, sweet potatoes, or apples.  Brittany has created a special recipe that is a different take on an apple cinnamon crumble.  One of the ingredients of this one happens to be Sunstone’s #1 white wine, Viognier.  But instead of pairing this scrumptious dessert with Viognier, we’re going with our Sauvignon Blanc.  Notes of green apple are abundant on both the nose and the palate of the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, which accentuates the apple flavors in the dish.  A perfect combination to end your perfect meal!

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