Recipe: Pinot-Friendly Cheese & Fruit Board




  • Comté cheese- 8-12 oz.
  • Gouda cheese- 8-12 oz.
  • Brie cheese- 8-12 oz.
  • Sun-Dried Figs- one 7-oz. bag
  • Fresh Raspberries- approx. 1/2 lb. d
  • Cherry Butter Spread- one 8-oz. jar
  • Plum Preserves- one 13-oz. jar
  • An assortment of sliced, unflavored crusty bread, crackers and breadsticks


  1. Start by cutting each of the cheeses into smaller/cracker sized slices.
  2. Arrange larger items like the cherry butter spread and plum preserves in the middle of a medium sized cutting board or platter that will fit in your picnic basket.
  3. Next, place a variety of cheeses on different corners of the board.  Place a cheese knife next to each selection so the flavors don’t get mixed.
  4. Arrange bread or crackers near the cheese. Try not to go overboard since these can take up a lot of real estate on your fruit and cheese platter.
  5. Fill in empty spaces with the dried figs and fresh raspberries.
  6. Cover with plastic wrap to preserve freshness and make transporting it easy.